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Fusing the the cleverness of Ravenclaw with the kindness/daftness of Hufflepuff, Sree takes the joy of Alpaca hugs and channels them into epic DJ sets which she's performed all over the UK and parts of Europe. Dancing to fusion music for four years, Sree loves finding new music and exploring the range, creativity and space that fusion music offers to dancers. She can't wait to bring some romance and drama on the dancefloor at MMFX.

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DJ Spicy Ginger loves many things: Dinosaurs, Comics, Science – and Fusion! Her music collection is equally diverse and combines different styles of music into a well-seasoned feast for our ears – and bodies. And who knows, there might even be a song about Dinosaurs! RAWRRR!!!!

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Malcolm loves playing good music to get people dancing and is VERY excited to DJ for Manchester’s first Micro/Fusion exchange. He loves playing a mixture of styles in his fusion sets including blues adjacent music, electronica, pop, country, soul and funk and much more. Playing tunes for many years at amazing fusion events such as ICE Bear, Double-shot, EBI, Hummingbird Blues and IRN-Blues has given him the experience to select the right tunes to keep everyone hyped for dancing.

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Matt enjoys the chill-vibes end of the fusion spectrum (if there is such a spectrum! More like a nebulous glitter cloud, probably), and likes to sit in a groove, or isolate to those little beats, or bring a really lush drop. Having had the pleasure of DJ-ing for events like IRN-Blues, Ciderhouse Blues and Highland Fusion Retreat, Matt is excited to contribute to the Micro vibe at MMFX!

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Fueled by dark lipstick, litres of Pepsi Max and high levels of anxiety, Rachel loves to play deep dark aesthetic fusion. She craves that syncopated bassy music that entices you to isolate. (But also she is nervous about asking people to dance so please ask her!)

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Jonas is a fusion dancer, teacher and DJ from Sheffield who's been subjecting dancers to Beyonce since the days of yore when Lemonade was changing the face of music. He'll delight your ears with soulful R&B and groovy swaths of sticky pop.

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Ewa loves super chill electronic music, (though sometimes slightly less chill too!). She DJs music she listens to every day and can’t get enough of because she imagines all the wonderful and connected dances she could be having to it with everyone.



Iris has been in love with fusion for almost ten years and one of their passions is spending hours on their laptop trying to find the best songs to move to and connect with. Slow trap, dubstep, chillstep and middle eastern sonorities inspire them most and a 100% micro set is their guilty pleasure.



A newbie on the DJ scene, Katy’s musical world exploded at the age of 14 when her dad realised the extent of his failure in educating her in genres outwith classical music and bought her a Queen album. she explores in all musical directions and loves finding surprising tunes that make her dance in her chair. She’s thrilled to have the chance to share her micro favourites for the first time in Manchester. (Photo by @Fotograf Kristin Ladström)



Moving to smooth vibes, reacting to sometimes surprising sounds, diving into lyrical songs in different languages, getting into electronic atmospheric songs and dancing with your soul to instrumentally beautiful songs - that's what Elke likes to do and also loves to share and DJ for you



Sorcha comes from a background of lindy dancing, but these days mostly does blues, and will fusion, particularly micro, at almost any opportunity! They've been known to organise blues and fusion events in Dublin, and regularly teach and DJ blues there. They don't get to DJ fusion as much as they'd like, so are super excited to DJ at MMFX!

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Nis derives almost as much joy out of DJing as they do dancing. They love connecting with the mind of the crowd through music, the thrill of choosing just the right song for the right people at the right time, and exploring the boundaries of what is considered good micro music. They regularly travel to dance events of many types across Europe and the USA, though micro holds a unique place in their heart.



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Frankie gave up dancing at the age of four, when she was cast as the Ugly
Duckling for a ballet recital and was so offended she quit on the spot. 
She was lured back in 2011 when she began a heated affair with Argentine
tango, and has since fallen for blues, fusion, hiphop and micro. (She still hasn’t been back to ballet).

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Malcolm loves to fully engage with the music, finding every movement and isolation the music draws him into. He's super excited to share this all with you and the for magic it will create on the dance floor.

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Practicing yoga for many years, Sree has learned that to maximise dance pleasure we should all look after our bodies. The stretches she'll show also lead to new movements and ways to connect with both yourself and others leading to a heightened dance experience.

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Ewa loves the power of music and feels this through her whole body. The partnered stretching with Sree harnesses the power of energy between partners and shows how it can flow between you both. This increased awareness of connection is a wonderful thing and brings so much joy into the dances.



When Trevor moved from Canada to Europe, he found fusion dancing, and withit, his people. In dance, Trevor loves connection and playful curiosity: finding the right energy to delight in this moment with this partner. He is pleased to share with you the mindset and tools he uses to find joy in every dance. (Photo by @Benoit Guerin)



Justin got lots of practice listening while growing up, being the youngest of four boys. As a dancer, he didn't learn to listen  closely to his partners until he started to follow. When two people come together and listen curiously and carefully to each other’s bodies, a beautifully unique exchange ensues, which always ends in a smile. This is why he continues to dance, and why he wishes to share this with anyone who will listen.



Adamant that she would never enjoy dancing outside of a ceilidh until the age of 21, Katy tentatively stuck her head into a lindy hop taster class and since then has been gradually lured down, through lindy and then blues, into the fascinating world of fusion (although she still retains a sneaking love of shag). An unashamed cuddle addict, she is endlessly entranced by the connection found in the fusion community, and is enchanted to share this even more at MMFX. (Photo @Fotograf Kristin Ladström)



Tara had her first micro dance way back in 2013, and has taken some convincing to dance 'big' ever since.  Even though she loves hugs and close embrace, she has had some of her most memorable micro dances in hand-to-hand connections.  She looks forward to sharing the joy of listening to another dancer's body through hand connection, exploring different kinds of touch and getting super-micro with hand dances - perfect for dancing in a cuddle pile! (Photo @Benoit Guerin)

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Jess loves skimmed milk (like, a lot), baby goats, and dancing. Luckily for people who take her classes or hear her DJ stylings, she doesn't usually intermix her loves. She does, however, use her passion for happy, integrated body movement in her teaching to bring out everyone's inner (or outer!) dancer. Jess especially values comfort, playfulness and joint expression in her dances.



Greg loves how dancing brings out the best in all of us. The common theme across his favourite dances (bal folk, blues, Lindy hop, tango and balboa) is their emphasis on musical partnered expression. His teaching builds on good body mechanics and simple explanations to help people become the dancer they want to be - someone that everybody else loves dancing with.



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Powered by love and cuddles, Mike adores micro fusion and all the wonderful connections it leads to. He is struggling to contain the excitement of spending a magical weekend together with you all!