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Fusing the the cleverness of Ravenclaw with the kindness/daftness of Hufflepuff, Sree takes the joy of Alpaca hugs and channels them into epic DJ sets which she's performed all over the UK and parts of Europe. Dancing to fusion music for four years, Sree loves finding new music and exploring the range, creativity and space that fusion music offers to dancers.

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Malcolm is VERY excited to DJ for Manchester’s first Micro Fusion exchange. The delicate balancing act of keeping dance energy high while selecting the best micro tracks is an exciting challenge! Playing tunes for many years at amazing fusion events such as ICE Bear, Double-shot, EBI, Hummingbird Blues and IRN-Blues has given him the experience to select the right tunes to keep everyone hyped for dancing.

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Bracken is a teacher, DJ and head organiser for the Highland Fusion Retreat. They’ve been DJing for partner dance since 2012, and particularly enjoy creating space for cuddly, empathetic micro dances to form. 
They will be playing a mix of pre-pandemic micro fusion favourites and new finds ranging from blues and soul inspired through, beautifully simple acoustic tracks, to multi-layered lofi and folktronica.

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Jonas is a fusion dancer, teacher and DJ from Sheffield who loves melting dancers in a stew of soulful grooves and well crafted pop.



Iris has been in love with fusion for almost ten years and one of their passions is spending hours on their laptop trying to find the best songs to move to and connect with. Slow trap, dubstep, chillstep and middle eastern sonorities inspire them most and a 100% micro set is their guilty pleasure.

Nis Klausen BW.jpg


Nis loves connecting with the crowd through music and to push the boundaries of danceable music. They have more than 6 years of experience DJing in the US and EU. While they primarily DJ for fusion and zouk they are passionate about promoting micro; they have done that in the past by teaching and DJing at Bay Area Micro Fusion and by founding and organizing European Micro Fantasia, and they are STOKED about being able to contribute to MMFX.



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Melissa has always loved dancing. During her student days you’d more likely find her on the dancefloor than by the bar. She then discovered partner dancing, with Blues and Fusion becoming her favourites.
With a first class degree and masters in education, she has always been interested in how people learn best. Through several years of teaching dance, she wants to share the creativity and sense of fun that each dance brings.

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Practicing yoga for many years, Sree has learned that to maximise dance pleasure we should all look after our bodies. The stretches she'll show also lead to new movements and ways to connect with both yourself and others leading to a heightened dance experience.

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Malcolm loves to fully engage with the music, finding every movement and isolation the music draws him into. He's super excited to share this all with you and the for magic it will create on the dance floor.

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Frankie gave up dancing at the age of four, when she was cast as the Ugly
Duckling for a ballet recital and was so offended she quit on the spot. 
She was lured back in 2011 when she began a heated affair with Argentine
tango, and has since fallen for blues, fusion, hiphop and micro. (She still hasn’t been back to ballet).

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Charlotte adores the world of fusion because it has given her so many gorgeous dances with gorgeous dancers. To her, micro means a dance so small and intimate that it feels like a private moment with your partner. Having a whole weekend to focus on connection over showiness feels like the perfect way to get us back on our feet after too long apart from each other.

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When Laura was 6 she wanted to take ballet classes and her father told her that she didn't have the right body for dance. Luckily she was a stubborn enough young woman, and 15 years ago she started taking a variety of dance classes and finally discovering and falling in love with blues and fusion. Laura loves developing her classes starting from natural organic movements and helping her students playfully discover their own voice and style.



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Powered by love and cuddles, Mike adores micro fusion and all the wonderful connections it leads to.
After 2 years of waiting, he is struggling to contain the excitement of spending a magical weekend together with you all!