Pay What You Can - Suggested Amounts

The core principle of MMFX is to connect Micro Fusion dancers from across the globe, enabling those on low income to attend by offsetting the costs against donations from others.

The below descriptions are suggested donation amounts that aim to recoup the unavoidable costs of venue and PA system hire, DJs, instructors, etc based on the expected distribution of incomes attending.

MMFX is not-for-profit therefore the more people that donate at the 'Medium Income' suggested donation level, the more this allows those less fortunate to attend (and prevents MMFX running at a loss).

Image by Fabian Blank


For those on low income that would otherwise find it financially impossible to attend.

Image by Allef Vinicius


For those on small income, who are just able to cover the cost of travel and basic donation to event costs. (This option does not provide a contribution to those on low income).

Image by Clay Banks


For those with sufficient funds to cover travel costs, event costs, and a contribution supporting those on low income to attend.



Upon registration, please select the description you most associate with, or select 'Other' if you would like to donate more than the description you associate with.

If you are successfully accepted, you will receive an email containing bank details / IBAN to transfer the money to.

For those not paying in GBP, MMFX recommends using a currency transfer service such as to minimise the currency conversion fees charged (these fees can be quite high if you use a direct bank transfer).

If after paying you realise you are unable to attend, please contact for a refund. If there are sufficient people on the wait list to take your place the refund will be granted*. (MMFX does not allow private transfers of tickets between attendees, these must all go via MMFX).

*If you paid in a currency other than GBP and request a refund, the refund will be the amount less any currency conversion fees incurred by MMFX.



In the interests of transparency, below is a summary of the financial costs and donations received.

As at 22nd December 2021;

Event Costs: £4,643

Donations Received: £0

Difference: £-4,643